Friday, April 29, 2016

Supporting Arbor Day activities

West Bend Arbor Day event.
Today is Arbor Day – founded in 1872 as a special day set aside for tree planting. We are involved in several community activities to support Arbor Day.

One of the events sponsored by the We Energies Foundation took place on Earth Day last week in West Bend. About 600 serviceberry tree saplings were purchased and distributed to fifth-grade students at the celebration. The students took the trees home to their families for planting.

Serviceberry trees are three-season trees that have white blossoms in the spring and red berries with orange leaves in the fall. They only grow to 15 feet, so they are perfect trees to plant to avoid power lines.

Today, we also will participate in programs in Fox Point, West Allis and Waukesha where we will provide information on safe digging, tree planting and tree trimming. Trees will be planted at the celebrations.

When you plan to plant a tree, remember these tips:
  • Plant trees that won’t interfere with power lines when fully grown. Small ornamental trees or shrubs that will not exceed 15 feet in height such as serviceberry, dogwood and low-growing evergreens are best to plant around power lines. 
  • Plant taller trees such as maple, basswood, burr oak, white pine or spruce, which grow to more than 40 feet, at least 50 feet from power lines.
  • Call 811 three days ahead of any planting to mark underground utilities such as power lines and natural gas pipes. This service is free.

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