Monday, April 25, 2016

Name the falcon chicks at our Valley Power Plant!

We have an “egg-cellent” idea. Naming a peregrine falcon chick is not something you get to do “aviary” day.

Do you have the right creative “talont” to win our naming contest?

Artemis, Wompus, Xenon and Thunder Claw are some of the names chosen for We Energies peregrines in the past. Can you top those?

This year, we’re inviting the public to enter our chick naming contest. Peregrine falcon chicks are expected to arrive soon at our Valley Power Plant in Milwaukee. Keep tabs on the nest box through our live falcon cam at

You could just “wing” it, but we suggest you put a little thought into your selection.

Tell us in 100 words or less, why you chose the name. We’ll review all entries and select winners. The following criteria will be considered:
  • Is the name creative?
  • Is the name descriptive of a falcon?
  • Is there a story behind the name?
  • Is the name gender neutral? (Sex of chicks is not yet known)
Entries must be received by May 12. Send your entry to us at:

Winners will be announced on May 13. Entrants can only win once. Winners will be invited to the Valley Power Plant to see the chicks get their wildlife bands. The banding date will be determined by We Energies.

*There is no guarantee all the eggs will hatch or all the chicks will survive. Winning names will be given to the chicks who receive wildlife bands on banding day.

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