Monday, May 2, 2016

Falcon chicks arrive at Oak Creek Power Plant

The first falcon eggs of the season are hatching at our power plants. On May 1, two eggs hatched at our Oak Creek nest box, and by Monday morning, a third chick had arrived. Our webcam captured the trio being fed. If you look closely at the fourth egg, you’ll notice another chick trying to break through:

This is welcome news for our Oak Creek site because last year’s nesting attempt here failed. Dad Scott and mom Eclipse had four eggs that never hatched. A territorial battle had left the eggs unattended for too long. The pair still got to be foster parents though, caring for two chicks transplanted from another site where a parent was injured. Herbert, another We Energies falcon, is now an educational ambassador at the Wisconsin Humane Society. His offspring, Foster and Wheeler, were banded at the Oak Creek Power Plant last June.

Foster and Wheeler after banding last June.
Meanwhile, we’re still hoping for hatchlings at our other sites. Eggs at our Valley Power Plant were expected to hatch last week, but so far, nothing has happened. Greg Septon, our peregrine manager, says several of the sites he monitors are hatching late this year, perhaps due to the cold weather. We’re hopeful that we’ll see chicks arrive at our Valley and Port Washington sties very soon. Hatching at our final two sites – Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, and Marquette, Michigan – is expected to occur a little later.

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