Thursday, April 8, 2021

Customers urged to stay connected if they are behind on bills

We Energies is urging customers who are behind on their energy bills to contact us as soon as possible to avoid disconnection. 

Per the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, the state’s residential disconnection moratorium will expire April 15. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have worked with our customers by offering enhanced payment plans and help with heating assistance. Because of our efforts, less than 1% of our customers are at risk for disconnection.

Disconnection is always a last resort

If you are behind on your bill, visit or call us at 800-842-4565. We are here to work with you to arrange a payment plan and connect you to financial assistance options. 

Energy assistance is available

Some customers may qualify for energy assistance through the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP). In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, eligibility requirements have been adjusted to allow additional customers to receive heating and electric assistance quickly. 

Simple ways to manage costs

There are many ways to manage your energy costs at home. Visit our website for a handy checklist. 

As always, if you have questions about your bill or think you might have trouble paying, call us at 800-842-4565.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

We Energies employees surprise line mechanic intern injured in hit-and-run crash with heartwarming donation

When Dayce Woodard, a We Energies line mechanic intern, was seriously injured in a hit-and-run crash, his co-workers rallied to help him. Employee members of the American Association of Blacks in Energy started a fundraiser to help Dayce. In just a few weeks, generous We Energies employees had contributed more than $4,000. 

Dayce spent weeks in the hospital recovering from his injuries. His family was told at one point he might lose one of his legs. But he refused to give up and today he is back home and working to build up his strength. 

With his family’s help, a small group of employees gathered to surprise Dayce with the donations.  Jennifer Buchanan, internship program manager, presented Dayce with a Fitbit, a set of weights, an exercise step and a yearlong gym membership to help him continue his physical therapy. 

"We want to gift you with these items as motivation through your recovery so we can see you here soon," Buchanan said. Dayce was thrilled to be able to continue his strength training at home.

But Buchanan realized that Dayce’s mental health was just as important as his physical health. She managed to track down an elusive PlayStation 5 to brighten his spirits. When Dayce opened the gift, he was at a loss for words. 

WITI-TV (Fox6) was on hand to capture the surprise. 

Employees also raised enough money to give Dayce a $2,275 check to use toward vocational college. Dayce says he plans to pursue line mechanic training as soon as he is physically able.  

To provide some extra motivation, Buchanan framed a picture of Dayce climbing a pole during his internship. When Dayce saw it, he said: “I can’t wait to get back out there.” 

He has countless We Energies employees rooting for his success.

Friday, April 2, 2021

We Energies peregrine falcons welcome 12 early Easter eggs

Enjoy an early Easter egg hunt from the comfort of your couch by checking out our peregrine falcon nest box cameras! This year, there are a dozen eggs to be found at four nest boxes across Wisconsin. If conditions are just right, the first ‘peeps’ from newborn peregrine falcons could come in just a few weeks. 

Here’s an eggs-planation of the activity at each of our nest boxes: 

Oak Creek Power Plant 

Mom and dad, Essity and Michael, are incubating four eggs. 

Port Washington Generating Station 

Mom and dad, Brinn and Beasley, are incubating one egg so far, but more could arrive in the coming days. 

Valley Power Plant 

Dad and mom, Hercules and his unbanded female mate, are incubating three eggs. 

Weston Power Plant 

Mom and dad, Rosalee and Sheldon, are incubating four eggs at the nest box hosted by our sister company Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) in Rothschild. 

Hop on over to our high-definition nest box cameras to keep an eye out for the first signs of hatching. If everything goes well, we should see our first chicks before the end of the month. We’ll also be posting updates on Twitter and Facebook. 

Peregrine falcon program

We Energies and WPS are honored to be a part of a statewide effort to restore the peregrine falcon population. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources added peregrine falcons to the state’s endangered species list in the 1970s.

Since our first successful nest in the mid-1990s, 410 peregrine falcons have hatched at our facilities. The falcons are drawn to tall structures along Lake Michigan or major rivers, which make many of the We Energies and WPS facilities ideal nesting sites.

This program is another way We Energies and WPS are building a bright, sustainable future. From helping endangered animals and restoring natural habitats, to building new solar facilities and reducing carbon emissions, we are committed to a cleaner future.