Thursday, July 22, 2021

Go for the gold with these energy saving tips

Use these tips to set a new efficiency record on your bill as you cheer on Team USA!

Turn on the fan while being a fan. If you are hosting a get-together, a ceiling fan circulating the air will help your guests feel cool and save on your air conditioning costs.

Sprint past your normal temperature setting.
Experts say setting your air conditioning to 78 degrees will keep your wallet cool with savings.

Dive into water heating tips. The average household spends about $300 a year on water heating costs alone. Flip turn your water heater thermostat to 120 degrees to save energy and money.

Keep your Olympic flame blue.
Make sure the burner flame on your natural gas range burns blue. That blue flame means your stovetop is working efficiently.

Game, set, match. Match your pot size to a similar sized burner on your oven to serve up savings of about $18 a year. It not only takes less time to heat, but also uses heat more efficiently.

Tumble your energy costs. Use a microwave or other small appliance to make your party food. Cooking small portions in the microwave can reduce the energy you use for cooking by as much as 80%!

Make the outdoors your cooking goal. Steering clear of your kitchen can help kick down your energy bill. Using kitchen appliances can raise the temperature in your home. Not only will you reduce the energy you use to run those appliances, but you’ll also save on air conditioning costs.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

We Energies named the nation’s most trusted energy company by business customers

We Energies is being recognized as the nation’s top energy company by the businesses it serves. We Energies received the highest score on the 2021 Trusted Business Partner Brand Trust Index in a nationwide study by Escalent, a top human behavior and analytics advisory firm.

We Energies received the honor, in part, because of its efforts to connect with and assist local businesses and communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to providing affordable, reliable and clean energy during the pandemic, We Energies worked with customers on flexible payment arrangements and enhanced digital services. The We Energies Foundation also supported communities through donations to front-line relief efforts and a rebuild and revitalize fund aimed at helping businesses in historically underinvested communities.

“In a year of extraordinary challenges, our focus on providing reliable, world-class service never wavered,” said Tom Metcalfe, president — We Energies. “We are grateful to serve our customers every day.”

The Trusted Business Partner recognition from Escalent is based on surveys of more than 15,000 business electric and natural gas utility customers. The report evaluates energy companies in the areas of customer focus, business community support, communications effectiveness, reliable quality, environmental dedication and company reputation.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Keep more of your hard-earned bucks in six steps as you Cheer the Deer toward a championship

 As the Milwaukee Bucks continue their championship run on the hardwood, We Energies is getting in the game with an energy-efficient assist to customers. Our game plan of six simple steps can help you come through in crunch time and see nothing but net savings on your energy bill.

1. Swat away the sun

You don’t need to be the Greek Freak to block higher energy bills. Use blinds or curtains to keep the sun from heating up your home during the day. Not only will it keep you cooler, it also means your air conditioner won’t need to run as much.

2. Run a thermostat pick-and-roll

Setting your thermostat to 78 degrees can help you stay cool while managing energy costs. For a more effective play — and to save money — set it a few degrees higher when you’re asleep or away from home.

3. Avoid a charging foul

Cellphones, computers and other electronics can steal energy even while they’re turned off. Shut down wasted power by plugging these devices into a smart power strip or unplugging them when they’re not being used. 

4. Use fans to create home-court advantage

Ceiling and standalone fans provide an efficient edge for your home, as they use less energy than an air conditioner. Use fans to stay cool and comfortable without turning your thermostat down as temperatures go up.

5. Play lockdown defense on leaks

Use caulk or weather stripping to put a full-court press on gaps and cracks around windows, doors and siding. These materials stop warm air from getting in and cool air from leaking outside your home.

6. Make a midrange play with the microwave

Microwaves and slow cookers are versatile options on game day. They use less energy than an oven and don’t heat up your home.