Thursday, April 14, 2016

Severe Weather Awareness Week

Two tornado drills will occur on April 14 at 1:45 p.m. and 6:55 p.m. The first drill is to help schools and businesses prepare for storm season. The second drill is an opportunity for families to create and review their emergency plans.

We work to maintain a reliable power delivery system, but severe weather and other events sometimes cause power outages that require many hours and even days to resolve.

In June 2010, a severe storm with high winds, lightning and heavy rain hit southeastern Wisconsin and caused power outages to more than 48,000 customers. The storm also created a tornado that caused extensive damage to the communities of Eagle and Mukwonago. Our crews worked through the night and into the next day to restore power and natural gas service to our customers after this storm.

Example of damage our crews dealt with in Eagle, Wisconsin.
Be prepared and know what to do should a power outage occur. Assemble an emergency kit and keep it where it’s easy to find in the dark.

Suggested items:
  • Flashlights and extra batteries 
  • Blankets 
  • Water-half gallon/day per person 
  • Canned or dried food 
  • Hand-operated can opener 
  • First-aid kit 
  • Prescription medications 
  • Specialty items for infants, seniors or disabled family members 
If you have advance notice of severe storms or other conditions that may lead to extended power outages, consider taking additional precautions:
  • Set freezer and refrigerator colder to help food stay safe longer 
  • Fill vehicle gas tank (gas station pumps do not operate without power) 
  • Get cash (credit or debit cards may not work if power is out) 
  • Charge devices, especially cell phones; consider spare power 
  • Know emergency shelter locations 
  • Get bottled water, other supplies 
Other considerations:
  • Battery back-up for sump pump 
  • Solar power cell phone charger 
  • Generator to power important appliances 
  • Surge suppression devices for protection when power returns 
  • Card or board games to pass time 
  • Dry ice for refrigerator/freezer 
  • Frozen jugs of water 
  • Well-being of friends, neighbors and relatives

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