Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Catch up on your bill and 'Stay Connected'

We urge customers behind on their energy bills to catch up before the end of the winter moratorium on utility shut-offs. Customers in significant arrears are at risk of disconnection starting April 18. We are using phone calls and bill inserts to alert customers who are behind on their energy bills.

Payment options

Customers having problems paying their bills are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible at 800-842-4565. A minimum payment option and flexible payment plans may be available.

Some customers also may qualify for energy assistance through the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP). There is no charge to determine eligibility or to apply for assistance. Customers can learn more about energy assistance at or by calling 866-HEAT-WIS (866-432-8947).

Michigan customers also may qualify for benefits and can learn more by calling Michigan’s Department of Human Services at 855-275-6424 or visiting and typing “heat and utilities” in the search box.

Unfortunately, scammers have been known to prey on customers during this time of the year. A common ploy demands immediate payment via prepaid debit card. We do not solicit payments in this manner. Customers who receive suspicious phone calls or emails should contact us directly to verify the status of their account.

Helping customers
Watch as our dynamic duo, Mike and Phyllis, help customers who sometimes have trouble managing their bills: 

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