Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cat rescued from utility equipment, 20 feet up

Cat waits for rescue on utility junction box.
It’s a good thing cats have nine lives. A Kenosha kitty found himself in quite a predicament Sunday. He was stranded on a utility junction box about 20 feet off the ground.

Luckily, some observant neighbors spotted the cat. They figured he was up there a while because he was shivering in the rain.

Onlooker Chris Altreuther was getting ready to initiate a rescue, but others grew concerned for his safety around the electrical equipment.

     Troubleshooter Paul Weis rescuing cat.
Neighbors insisted on calling We Energies to the scene to assist in the rescue. Troubleshooter Paul Weis arrived and lowered the kitty to safety within minutes.

The cat is recovering at Kindred Kitties, an animal shelter in Kenosha. The shelter nicknamed the adventurous kitty “Daredevil.”

Amazingly, Daredevil wasn’t injured. He avoided touching live power lines and electrical equipment. He was stranded on a phone company junction box.

The residents who witnessed the rescue have high praise for our troubleshooter, calling him “a wonderful and caring man.” Resident Lynn LeMay adds, “Paul was so kind. We want to thank you (We Energies) for sending him! Not only did he save the kitty, but also saved Chris from getting hurt.”

Kindred Kitties posted an update on Daredevil on the shelter’s Facebook page. If they cannot locate an owner, they will put him up for adoption in a couple of weeks.

Altreuther holding Daredevil.

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