Monday, May 9, 2016

Oak Creek students following falcon cam

Students at Carollton Elementary School in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, are closely following our live falcon cam. Right now, the cam is focused on the nest box at our Oak Creek Power Plant where four chicks recently hatched. Soon, these fifth graders will get to visit the plant and see the chicks in person. But before they do, they’re learning all about the endangered species.

Greg Septon, our peregrine manager, recently visited the class. He told students how peregrines nearly became extinct after the widespread use of pesticides. He explained the role We Energies has played in the recovery effort. Nest boxes are installed at five of our power plants, where more than 225 peregrines have been born.

The students were very inquisitive, asking a lot of great questions. One student asked, “How long can peregrines live?” Septon knows of one that lived 18 years. “How fast can falcons fly?” asked another student. Septon said they’ve been clocked at more than 240 mph when stooping for prey, making them the fastest animal on the planet.

In a couple of weeks, the Carollton students will visit the Oak Creek Power Plant to watch the chicks receive their wildlife bands. These lucky students also get to name the birds. We got a sneak peak at some of the contenders today, and they’re pretty creative!

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