Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Meet Squid and Hecate, newly named Port Washington falcons

We asked for unique names for our power plant peregrine falcon chicks, and you delivered. Our public naming contest produced dozens of creative contenders, but Squid and Hecate earned top honors.

On May 24, Squid and Hecate were officially named and banded at our Port Washington Generating Station. The contest winners who chose their names were on hand to see the chicks in person.

(Left) Dennis "Squid" Falcon in an old navy pic. 
(Right) peregrine manager Greg Septon, Squid and Sara Martinez.
Sara Martinez of Milwaukee chose the name Squid, a common nickname for sailors in the U.S. Navy, in honor of her brother, Dennis “Squid” Falcon, an Iraqi war veteran who survived cancer and a near fatal motorcycle accident. “It just seemed fitting – he’s a warrior,” said Martinez. “He’s a falcon.” And, his last name is Falcon, no less! 

Septon, Hecate and Melissa Barbieri.
Melissa Barbieri of Muskego chose the name Hecate for the other peregrine, the name of a Greek goddess. “The goddess was the patron of justice for the wronged and also the patron of the crossroads, which is where the falcons were before we decided to help,” said Barbieri. We caught this cute picture of Hecate and Barbieri checking each other out. 

Guests from the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology and Riveredge Nature Center also joined us at the May 24 banding. Next week, we’ll be at our Pleasant Prairie Power Plant to band the lone chick born there this spring.

Squid and Hecate.

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