Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We Energies workers prevent possible electrocution

Flagpole on wire.
On the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, two of our employees, Geri Gaglione and Jennifer Brown, were returning to their office when they spotted a flagpole leaning on power lines on College Avenue in Milwaukee.

They made a sharp U-turn toward the scene to make sure everyone was okay. When they approached the scene, they saw an individual standing on a boom truck that was still attached to the pole. Gaglione and Brown screamed toward the man and told him to stay in the vehicle to avoid electrocution. They also shouted at other people in the area to stay back and get away.

They stayed in their own vehicle for safety as the scene was unstable. Gaglione and Brown were told that 911 had been called, so they called our dispatch to respond. The Milwaukee Fire Department and our crews moved quickly to de-energize the lines and bring the man to safety.

“We should always take precautions around downed power lines,” said Gaglione. “We wanted to make sure the people in the area stayed safe.”

Overhead power lines can carry more than 500,000 volts. Touching one of the lines can provide a path for electricity to the ground and injure or kill you. Assume all power lines are energized and dangerous.

Call 911 and We Energies at 800-662-4797 to report a downed line.

More information on power lines

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