Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More falcon chicks born over Memorial Day weekend

All six of our power plant nest boxes now have peregrine falcon chicks. Hatchlings arrived over the weekend at our last two sites – Milwaukee County Power Plant in Wauwatosa, and Presque Isle Power Plant in Marquette, Michigan. All told, we have nearly 20 chicks at our power plants, including two which were recently transferred to the Oak Creek Power Plant after their dad was found injured.

It’s amazing how fast peregrine chicks grow. Here’s a picture of three hatchlings at our Milwaukee County Power Plant this morning. You can see one egg left to hatch:

Meanwhile, look at the Valley Power Plant chicks. These guys are nearly three weeks old now:

Our peregrine manager, Greg Septon, will begin banding chicks this week. Among our sites, he’ll start at the Pleasant Prairie Power Plant where the chicks are now old enough to get their wildlife bands. Students from Stocker Elementary School in Kenosha will watch the chicks get their wildlife bands and name the birds.

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