Thursday, May 28, 2015

Meet falcon chicks, Sharkie and Thunder Claw

Stocker school 
Two peregrine falcon chicks at our Pleasant Prairie Power Plant now have names. Thunder Claw and Sharkie were named by third graders from Stocker Elementary School in Kenosha. Sharkie is named after their school’s mascot, the Stocker Shark.

The students visited the Pleasant Prairie Power Plant Thursday to see the chicks get their wildlife bands. The bands allow researchers to track the endangered species as the peregrine population continues to grow. 

Our peregrine manager, Greg Septon, visited Stocker Elementary School earlier this month to talk about the peregrine falcon recovery effort. More than 200 peregrines have been born at We Energies power plants since 1997.

Here are a video and some pictures from Thursday’s banding in Pleasant Prairie. The Kenosha News covered the event.

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