Friday, May 15, 2015

New life for hydro plant

Our Twin Falls hydroelectric plant, located on the Menominee River near Iron Mountain, Michigan, has been producing electricity using the river’s natural flow since 1912. Last year, we began a project to rebuild the 6-megawatt (MW) facility. A new powerhouse with modern, efficient turbines and generators will replace the existing facility.

New technology will allow us to increase the amount of renewable energy produced at the hydroelectric plant to 9 MW and will incorporate design features to enhance fish protection. Construction will occur on the Wisconsin side of the river, directly across from the current powerhouse. Excavation for the new powerhouse is on schedule, and we expect the major structures and turbines to be installed late this year. Commercial operation is expected mid-2016. Demolition and removal of the existing facility will follow commercial operation of the new powerhouse.

Our generation fleet includes 13 hydroelectric plants that produce about 86 MW of renewable electricity annually.

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