Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Injured peregrine falcon update

Herbert is still recovering from a dislocated elbow after being found injured in the backyard of a Wauwatosa home in early May.

Scott Diehl from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center gave us an update. He says Herbert is on cage rest so he doesn’t flap around, which could cause the elbow to dislocate again. He’s had two laser-therapy treatments’ to help the soft-tissue wound heal faster and to help reduce the likelihood of infection.
Scott says Herbert is eating well and provided this picture of Herbert in an exam room.
Herbert was born at the We Energies Valley Power Plant 11 years ago. Herbert was nesting at St. Joseph’s Hospital this year. Since his injury has taken him out of parenting duties, two of his chicks have been moved to the Oak Creek Power Plant. They have been adopted by the peregrine falcon’s that occupy that nest.

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