Monday, March 11, 2019

Line mechanics climb U.S. Bank building in 25 lbs of gear

Climbing 1,034 stairs to the top of the U.S. Bank Center building in workout gear is hard enough. Imagine doing it in steel-toe boots and line mechanic gear!

For the first time ever, our employees donned 25 pounds of pole climbing gear and tackled the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb in Milwaukee. The annual event raises money and awareness in the fight against lung disease.

The Power Up pole climber team finished in first place.

The Weapons of Mass Development pole climber team came in second place.
This year, the event also helped raise awareness of our line mechanics— the men and women who maintain the electrical system and battle the elements to restore power during storms.

Inspired by firefighters who complete the climb in full gear, two teams of line mechanics competed against each other wearing steel-toe boots, hard hats, fire-resistant clothing, line mechanic gloves and, most important, climbing belts complete with wrenches, hammers and pliers.

Before the climb, Dave Harris, team leader and operations manager, talked to TMJ4 about his preparations. Watch the video below to see which piece of equipment he was most worried about slowing him down.

In the end, the Power Up Pole Climbing team edged out Harris’ Weapons of Mass Development team. Despite the extra weight, the top three climbers all finished in less than 11 minutes.

We Energies employees take on the Fight for Air Climb without gear.
A third team of our employees and their loved ones had it a little easier. Twenty-seven of them took part in the climb without all the gear. The three teams helped raise more than $7,000—making We Energies one of the top three companies to take part.

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