Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Crews brave the elements to ensure reliability

On a frigid January day with the temperatures in single digits and wind chills below zero, working outdoors can be downright dangerous. But our crews do so proudly – and safely – to ensure reliable service for our customers.

We caught up with crews in Wauwatosa as they installed new wire over the railroad tracks west of Mayfair Road. The weather wasn’t the only thing that made this particular job challenging. Crews also had to be aware of train traffic. A railroad employee remained on site, giving our crews adequate warning before trains came through so they could drop their buckets and maintain a safe distance from the tracks. The coordinated effort was scheduled months in advance, so the bone-chilling weather wasn’t about to delay work. Instead, crews bundled up and did their best to stay warm. Hear what crew leader Paul Schraith has to say about working in sub-zero wind chills:

Thanks to all of our workers who brave the elements on a daily basis.

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