Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Reports of scam ramp up

We want customers to be aware of a scam that continues to target the Spanish-speaking population. Dozens of new cases have been reported over the past several days. The scammers also are branching out, trying to victimize people beyond the Hispanic community.

The scammers convince customers to purchase prepaid debit cards and to relinquish the card information to them. Often times they claim customers are behind on a bill and at risk of disconnection. Sometimes they claim there’s a malfunctioning electric meter that may cause a fire or explosion. They will say anything to frighten people into becoming a victim.

These scammers are sophisticated. Using computer programs, they know customers’ names and addresses. In some cases, the We Energies name or phone number has even appeared on caller ID. Customers are urged to hang up and call us at 800-242-9137 to determine if the call was a scam.

We do not solicit payment from customers over the phone in this manner. If you get a call that sounds suspicious, it is.

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