Friday, February 5, 2021

Earn an MVP with our energy-saving playbook

Watching the big game this weekend? Our game plan will help customers use energy efficiently with simple plays that can score big savings.

Run a reverse on your thermostat

No need to get overheated celebrating every big play. Stay comfortable by turning down your thermostat. Set it to 68 degrees to keep your home warm and manage heating costs. When leaving home or going to bed, set the thermostat back 7-10 degrees, so your furnace isn’t running when no one is around.

Create home-field advantage with fans

Ceiling fans play both offense and defense, cooling in the summer and circulating warm air during the winter. In the winter, run your ceiling fan clockwise on the lowest setting. This pushes warm air down to prevent the thermostat from going up.

Use star-studded devices to counter power drain

Sack wasted power by unplugging devices you’re not using or getting a smart power strip. Energy-sucking devices like video game consoles and coffee makers can increase your monthly bill. Also, if you’re buying a new television, look for an Energy Star model. They use 25% less energy than traditional televisions. 

Call an audible and use the microwave

Microwaves and slow cookers use less energy than an oven, making them great options to warm up small snacks or dishes. If using the oven is best, stay efficient by using the oven light, not opening the door, to check on your gridiron grub.

See other trick plays to run to manage your energy costs on our website.

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