Thursday, June 18, 2020

Don’t let a balloon blunder leave your neighborhood in the dark

As we head into the summer of stay-at-home celebrations, we want to remind people there is one party staple that could turn your backyard bash into a blackout — a balloon.

Every year, thousands of our customers lose power in balloon-related outages. Just this past weekend, more than 1,500 customers in Milwaukee lost power when a Mylar balloon came into contact with power lines.

Balloons, especially Mylar balloons, can act as conductors and create a short circuit in a power line. Take a look at what happens when Mylar balloons fly into power equipment and see just how dangerous it can be:

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or graduation, or just hosting a summer get-together, follow these steps to keep your family safe and the power on:

·       When possible, keep balloons inside.

·       Never release balloons outside.

·       Make sure all balloons are tied securely to a weight that’s heavy enough to keep them from flying away.

·       When you’re done with balloons, let the air out and throw them in the trash.

·       Never try to retrieve a balloon that has become entangled in a power line.

If you spot a balloon stuck in our equipment, give us a call at 800-662-4797. Don’t let a balloon blunder cut your celebrations short.

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