Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Don’t celebrate your Valentine’s Day in the dark

Balloons make for a great Valentine’s Day gift, but if you’re not careful, they can leave you and thousands of others in the dark.

Helium-filled metallic or Mylar balloons can act as a conductor, creating a short circuit in a power line. Over 7,000 of our customers lost power in 2019 due to balloons coming into contact with our power lines and other equipment.

Not only can balloons knock out the power, the short circuit from the balloon can also cause power lines to fall to the ground, creating a dangerous situation. 

Celebrate safely this Valentine’s Day with these simple do’s and don’ts 

Do: Dim the lights to set a romantic mood.

Don’t: Cause a power blackout with a Mylar balloon. 

Do: Make sure balloons are tied securely to a weight.

Don’t: Release balloons outdoors. 

Do: Keep balloons away from power lines.

Don’t: Attempt to retrieve a balloon that has become entangled in a power line. 

Do: Stay at least 25 feet away from any downed power line.

Don’t: Assume a downed line is safe or de-energized. 

If you come across a downed wire or spot a Mylar balloon stuck in our equipment, give us a call at 800-662-4797.

We’re not so good on the romance tips, but for more energy safety tips visit

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