Tuesday, July 26, 2016

And the winner is…

It was a “ruff” competition, but the winner – or winners – of our Safe Digging contest are: Darby and Boca! 

Darby and Boca in their winning photo.
At right is the picture of the two vizslas that garnered the most votes in our online contest. More than 2,100 votes were cast, and Darby and Boca captured the majority.

Their owner, Teresa Rizzo of Burlington, Wisconsin, used her own social media savvy to get friends and followers to support the dynamic duo. Boca is 7 years old and is Darby’s mother. Darby turns 4 in August.

Boca and Darby like digging.
Since you can’t see the pair’s faces in their contest entry, we asked Teresa to send us another picture of her pets. They actually have their own
Facebook page, and you can follow them at:

Rustic Road Vizslas 

Thanks to all who voted in the contest and special thanks to all the pet
owners who submitted photos. We received dozens of fantastic entries. Our first runner up, Bucky, also garnered a lot of votes. 

Stay tuned for Darby and Boca’s Safe Digging ad which will be unveiled at Energy Park at the Wisconsin State Fair on Aug. 11 (8-11), a day to raise awareness about dialing 811 three days before you dig.
First runner-up Bucky.

Darby and Boca will help us spread an important safety message: Doggone it! Call Diggers Hotline (811) before you dig. Their ad will be displayed on stadium TVs at Miller Park, and they’ll get a basketful of doggy treats.

Congrats to Darby, Boca and the Rizzo family!

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