Thursday, June 23, 2016

Introducing the falcon 'Class of 2016'

The peregrine falcon nesting season has drawn to a close at We Energies power plants. Hatchlings at four of our sites have fledged, leaving empty nest boxes behind.

This season, we saw 10 chicks born at our power plants. The total was lower than recent years due to some eggs failing to hatch, including those at Valley Power Plant. Also, with the April sale of Milwaukee County Power Plant (MCPP) to the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center, chicks born at MCPP are no longer part of our total. 

Once again, the public was able to follow the falcons through a live webcam feed at The feed is no longer active, but hourly photos remain available from all five company nest boxes.

With the addition of this year’s chicks, the total number of peregrines born at We Energies power plants stands at 233. Nearly 20 percent of Wisconsin’s peregrine population has come from company nesting sites.

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