Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Work safely, earn money for charity

We take safety seriously at We Energies. In fact, 2015 was the safest year in our company’s history. We’re proud of that accomplishment, and it’s being rewarded through a program called the Safety Charity Challenge. When employees meet the company’s safety goals, they get to choose a charity to receive a We Energies Foundation donation.

Employees recently voted for the American Cancer Society (ACS) to receive $10,000 from our foundation. ACS representatives visited We Energies on Tuesday to say thank you.

“What We Energies is doing right now – being champions in the community – we are just so, so humbled and we thank you so much,” said MaryAnn Raash, senior director of corporate relations for ACS.

Tom Metcalfe, We Energies senior vice president of power generation, shared a personal story about his dad’s successful battle against cancer. “I think we can all agree that cancer is something that touches everybody’s lives in some way, either through a family member or a friend who is challenged with fighting cancer.“

We Energies employees and managers pose with representatives from ACS. 
From left to right: Kevin Wood, Da Krueger, Kyle Hoops, Tom Metcalfe,
MaryAnn Raash of ACS, Tom Paulsen, Todd Peterson of ACS, Jerome
Meissner, Carly Casper.

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