Monday, March 7, 2016

Peregrine falcon nesting season begins

PBR is the name of this falcon
at our Pleasant Prairie Power 
Four of our five peregrine falcon nest box locations now are seeing activity.

Pleasant Praire Power Plant, Oak Creek Power Plant, Valley Power Plant (Milwaukee) and Port Washington Generating Station all have falcons. We still are waiting for activity at Presque Isle Power Plant in Marquette, Michigan.

Since we started helping with the peregrine falcon recovery program in the early 1990s, more than 200 falcons have been hatched at our power plant nest boxes.

Check out our Raptor Report for updates and visit our falcon cam page for hourly snapshots of the nest boxes. After we see some eggs laid, we will activate our live webcam.

We Energies Raptor Report
We Energies falcon cams and information

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