Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Be aware of underground utilities

This fire pit was placed right over a natural gas line.
Where should you put a fire pit? 
Not over a natural gas line.

This situation was recently brought to our attention. A customer unknowingly built a fire pit right on top of a natural gas line. This could have been disastrous if heat from the fire had reached the gas line. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

Remember to call Diggers Hotline (811) to have your underground utilities marked before any type of yard project, such as fire pit, fence or anything else, so you can safely work around it.

Customers who failed to call Diggers Hotline have unknowingly installed patios or tool sheds over underground utilities. Don’t just assume you know where everything is buried. While most natural gas service lines run through front yards, sometimes they may run through a side or back yard. 

Always call 811 before any project in your yard involving digging.
Also, some customers may have secondary natural gas lines installed to supply a garage or barn. Secondary lines also can feed heaters for swimming pools and hot tubs. If you’re not the original home owner, you may be unaware of the location of secondary gas lines.

The bottom line – call Diggers Hotline at 811 before any type of project in your yard. Utility professionals will come mark your lines for free. Please call at least three days prior to any project. You also can file a Diggers Hotline request online.

Yard safety

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