Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Update on owlet rescued by Asplundh crews

An owlet rescued by our Asplundh crews last month is making great headway. The feathered friend has come a long way since falling from its nest in Muskego. Nearby neighbors have been keeping tabs on the nest and recently captured this great picture of the owlet and its siblings.

In early April, neighbors discovered the owlet grounded. They called the Wildlife in Need animal rehabilitation center, which called our Asplundh crews for help.

The center wanted to reunite the young bird with its family, so Asplundh crews made a quick stop during their daily routine and hoisted the youngster back into its nest in no time.

They also outfitted the nest with some reinforcements, placing it inside a more secure basket in hopes of helping prevent another treetop tumble.

We thank our Asplundh crews for always rising to the challenge, no matter what it is.

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