Friday, April 11, 2014

Cold spring increased natural gas prices, usage and bills

Cold weather that started in the winter months, continued into the spring, causing more natural gas use for home heating -- not just in Wisconsin but many areas of the nation.

The greater use nationwide led to higher natural gas prices on the spot market, where utilities go to buy additional natural gas to meet higher-than-expected demand. Such costs show up on customer bills as PGA, or purchased gas adjustments.

Learn more about PGA and how we keep prices as low as possible

Managing your costs
Here are some options to help manage energy bills:
  • Saving energy. You can use energy more wisely going forward to keep more money available to pay bills and meet other needs. Energy-saving ideas 
  • Switching to budget bill. You can even out your payments and avoid spikes that can occur during cold winters and hot summers. You pay the same each month, with semi-annual adjustments for actual usage. Budget bill information 
  • Setting up a payment plan. You may qualify for a flexible payment plan to help you catch up on your bills. Payment plan information 
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