Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Working with customers to Stay Connected

Wisconsin moratorium on shutoffs ends today

We urge customers who are behind on their energy bills to get caught up before the end of the shutoff moratorium. Customers in significant arrears are at risk of disconnection starting April 16.

We launched our Stay Connected campaign earlier than usual because of the extreme winter. Customers have seen their heating bills increase from last year, largely due to a sharp increase in the consumption of natural gas.

If you're having trouble paying your bill, 
contact us as soon as possible 
to stay connected.
We used phone calls, bill inserts and other messaging to alert customers who are behind on their bills.

Unfortunately, scammers have been known to prey on customers during this time of the year. Customers who receive suspicious phone calls or emails should contact us directly to verify their account status.

We offer several options to prevent disconnection:
  • Flexible payment plans. 
  • Energy assistance funds for qualifying customers. 
  • Budget billing to spread energy expenses more evenly over 12 months. 
Customers having problems paying their bills are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible. They can select a payment option and learn more about energy assistance by calling 800-842-4565. Customers also can visit our website to learn more about online payment options.

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