Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why we charge a fee for certain types of bill payments

For customer convenience, we offer many ways for customers to pay their energy bills -- online, phone, mail, automatic withdrawal and in person. Some are free and some have processing fees.

Many customers choose to pay with a credit or debit card, and that's one of the payment methods that involves a processing fee, which is $2.95. We often hear from customers who point out that other businesses don't charge for credit or debit card transactions and that we shouldn't either.

Why we charge a fee

Whenever a company accepts credit or debit card payments from customers, there is a cost, typically a percentage of the payment amount that the company must pay to the card company. Most companies just add those costs to their products and services, which are then paid by all customers regardless of how they pay. 
In short, we cannot spread those costs among all customers because state regulators don't allow it. Fairness is the reason. Customers who pay via other methods shouldn't have to help pay the processing fees of others who choose credit or debit card payments. 

The fees go to our payment processor (BillMatrix), card companies, processing banks and banks that issued the cards. We receive no part of the fee. 

How to pay without a fee

Avoiding a fee is easy -- just register for My Account, which allows you to pay online on our secure site. My Account also offers other benefits, including due date reminders, payment history, personalized money-saving tips and more.

My Account information and registration

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