Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New service center planned for Menomonee Falls

We are planning to build a new service center for the first time in two decades. Located in Menomonee FallsWis., the center will combine operations of the current Menomonee Falls Service Center and certain functions of the Calumet Service Center in Milwaukee. When the new service center is finished next fall, Calumet will be closed. A groundbreaking ceremony was held Nov. 16 at the new location, which is at the intersection of Lilly Road and Warren Street.

Several years ago, Village of Menomonee Falls officials identified the existing Menomonee Falls Service Center as prime for retail development and offered to relocate it to a new property. The project was approved after careful consideration on the impact a move would have on operations and customer service.

“This is an opportunity to replace a 45-year-old facility with a new, energy-efficient service center and to promote economic development within the Menomonee Falls community,” said Art Flowers, area manager – Customer Operations. “Plus, operating out of the new location will allow us to improve customer response times – a win for all involved.”

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