Thursday, July 22, 2021

Go for the gold with these energy saving tips

Use these tips to set a new efficiency record on your bill as you cheer on Team USA!

Turn on the fan while being a fan. If you are hosting a get-together, a ceiling fan circulating the air will help your guests feel cool and save on your air conditioning costs.

Sprint past your normal temperature setting.
Experts say setting your air conditioning to 78 degrees will keep your wallet cool with savings.

Dive into water heating tips. The average household spends about $300 a year on water heating costs alone. Flip turn your water heater thermostat to 120 degrees to save energy and money.

Keep your Olympic flame blue.
Make sure the burner flame on your natural gas range burns blue. That blue flame means your stovetop is working efficiently.

Game, set, match. Match your pot size to a similar sized burner on your oven to serve up savings of about $18 a year. It not only takes less time to heat, but also uses heat more efficiently.

Tumble your energy costs. Use a microwave or other small appliance to make your party food. Cooking small portions in the microwave can reduce the energy you use for cooking by as much as 80%!

Make the outdoors your cooking goal. Steering clear of your kitchen can help kick down your energy bill. Using kitchen appliances can raise the temperature in your home. Not only will you reduce the energy you use to run those appliances, but you’ll also save on air conditioning costs.

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