Wednesday, May 12, 2021

‘Fauci’ soars to the top of peregrine falcon naming contest

Beers have been named after him, bobbleheads have been made in his likeness and now Dr. Anthony Fauci will receive yet another high-flying honor. “Fauci” is the top vote-getter in our peregrine falcon chick naming contest. 

People across Wisconsin voted to name our peregrine falcon chicks in honor of the heroes and helpers of the COVID-19 pandemic. With thousands of votes cast, the winners of this year’s contest are (in order): 

  • Fauci in honor of health care workers
  • Beaker in honor of scientists
  • Checkers in honor of grocery store workers 
  • Siren in honor of first responders 
  • Courage in honor of everyone making sacrifices to help others
  • Sparkle in honor of cleaning crews 
  • Kizzmekia in honor of vaccinators
  • Energizer in honor of utility workers
  • Harvest in honor of farmers
  • Hugs in honor of parents and guardians
  • Cheers in honor of restaurant and bar workers
  • Keanu in honor of bus drivers 
  • Teach in honor of teachers 

We’ll be using these names for the peregrine falcon chicks born at We Energies and Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) power plants this spring. So far, nine chicks have hatched at Milwaukee’s Valley, Oak Creek and Weston power plants. We’re still waiting on four eggs to hatch at the Port Washington Generating Station.

Even though voting is done, you can still watch the chicks on our live cameras as they continue to grow, build up strength and learn to fly. They won’t leave the nest for a few more weeks. 

The falcon chicks will formally receive their names and identification bands in the coming weeks.

Peregrine falcon program

We Energies and WPS are honored to be a part of a statewide effort to restore the peregrine falcon population. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources added peregrine falcons to the state’s endangered species list in the 1970s.

Since our first successful nest in the mid-’90s, 410 peregrine falcons have hatched at our facilities. The falcons are drawn to tall structures along Lake Michigan or major rivers, which make many of the We Energies and WPS facilities ideal nesting sites.

This program is another way We Energies and WPS are building a bright, sustainable future. From helping endangered animals and restoring natural habitats, to building new solar facilities and reducing carbon emissions, we are committed to a cleaner future.

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