Tuesday, April 28, 2020

#SquawktheVote: Vote to name our falcon chicks after your favorite things about Wisconsin

♫♩ Brandy old-fashioneds and scoops of fresh custard. Kringles, you betcha! And brats served with mustard. A nice hoppy brew and tailgating for teams … these are a few of our favorite things! ♫♩

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Julie Andrews. Now more than ever, it’s important to remember the things that make us happiest about our home state. That’s why we want you to name our peregrine falcon chicks after your favorite things about Wisconsin.

Starting today and running through Sunday, May 17, you can vote on your favorite names. The top vote-getters will be used to name the falcon chicks born this spring at We Energies and Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) power plants across the state.

Choose from:

·        Cheesy in honor of dairy farmers
·        Hoppy in honor of our many breweries
·        Gemütlichkeit in honor of Wisconsin’s welcoming spirit
·        Kringle in honor of our favorite pastry
·        Scoop in honor of delicious custard
·        YouBetcha in honor of our unique expressions
·        Cream Puff in honor of a State Fair tradition
·        Blaze in honor of blaze orange and pink worn by hunters
·        Tundra in honor of the longest season
·        Brandy in honor of the state cocktail
·        Bubbler in honor of our clean, fresh water
·        Polka in honor of the state dance
·        Brat in honor of our favorite sausages
·        Tailgate in honor of one of our favorite pastimes
·        Forward in honor of the state motto

Peregrine falcon program

We Energies and Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) are honored to be a part of a statewide effort to restore the peregrine falcon population. The Department of Natural Resources added peregrine falcons to Wisconsin’s endangered species list in the 1970s.

Since our first successful nest box in the mid-90s, 402 peregrine falcons have hatched at our facilities. The falcons are drawn to tall structures along Lake Michigan or major rivers, which make many of the We Energies and WPS facilities ideal nesting sites.

This program is another way We Energies and WPS demonstrate environmental stewardship. From helping endangered animals and restoring natural habitats, to building new solar facilities and reducing carbon emissions, we are committed to a cleaner future.

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