Thursday, November 29, 2018

Our hallmark of reliability recognized again

In the dictionary, a hallmark is defined as a distinguishing characteristic, trait or feature. Reliability has become our hallmark. For the eighth year in a row, we have been named “Best in the Midwest” for reliability.

PA Consulting presents ReliabilityOneTM awards annually to energy companies that achieve outstanding reliability performance and excel in delivering the most reliable electric service to their customers.

“Our consecutive ReliabilityOneTM awards are a testament to the skill and dedication of our employees, and to the investments we’ve made to ensure reliable, efficient service for our customers,” said Kevin Fletcher, president – WEC Energy Group, parent company of We Energies.

Kevin Fletcher, president – WEC Energy Group, and 
Dave Megna, vice president – Wisconsin System Operations.
Our most recent award is the 11th in the past 13 years in the Midwest, one of six regions in the performance review. 

The review is based primarily on system reliability statistics measuring customer outage frequency and duration. Companies who perform well in those measures then undergo an on-site certification process for its policies, processes and systems related to reliability.

In recent years, we’ve made investments to strengthen our reliability by rebuilding hundreds of miles of our electric distribution network, including wires, poles and transformers. The result? Our outage restoration time was 50 percent better than the national average in 2017.

We’re happy to win the award again but more happy for our customers who rely on us for having power when they need it.

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