Thursday, August 9, 2018

Ellie spreads safe digging message on 8-11 day

Ellie, who was voted top dog in our recent safe digging contest, is spreading an important message for 8-11 day, a day devoted to raising awareness about calling 811 before digging projects. Ellie's new promotional ad will be featured on electronic billboards around the Milwaukee area on 8-11 day.

In addition to having their dog featured in our ad, Ellie’s family also received tickets to the Wisconsin State Fair where they can see Ellie’s promotional material on display at Energy Park. If you stop by Energy Park, you can get your picture taken with an Ellie cut-out to help spread the message about safe digging. 

Ellie's cut-out at Energy Park
Whether you’re planting a tree, installing fence posts or doing digging for other reasons, you could be putting yourself in danger if you strike an underground natural gas or electric line. Doggone it! Call 811 before you dig. A utility locating service will come out to mark locations of underground utilities on your property for free. 

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