Friday, January 19, 2018

From thankful residents to curious critters, crews see a lot during first week in Puerto Rico

As our crews wrap up their first week on the ground in Puerto Rico, their hard work is being rewarded by the grateful residents of the island. Many residents are coming out of their homes to greet our workers and shake their hands. One resident, a World War II veteran, even delivered cold water and cookies to our crews.                               
Employee Tom Guetzke thanks a resident
who brought crews cookies and cold water.
Restoring power has been an emotional experience for both the residents and crews. “Our crews are really determined to get the locals’ lights on,” said Bruce Sasman, crew supervisor.

Some people have been without power for more than three months since Hurricane Maria hit the island. Current estimates suggest more than 40 percent of residents are still in the dark.

“Even with all the challenges of tight spaces and jungle-type vegetation, the crews have gotten to be very innovative,” said Sasman. Crews have navigated the island’s narrow streets and rugged terrain and come upon challenges that they have never seen before, like navigating close encounters with iguanas at the top of power poles.
Employee Kevin Kosnicki works around an iguana.
Kevin Fletcher, president of our Wisconsin utilities, said of our crews, “I’m extremely proud of our crews and I think they are going to do a tremendous job. They are going to set a standard. Our folks are known for doing high-quality work from a safety and professional standpoint, and I know they will stand out among the other gentlemen and ladies who are down there as well.”

Puerto Rico residents have been taking to our social media pages to express their thanks:

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Krmtl said...

Thank you! The man with the water and cookies is my dad- Alberto Llaurador. He had been without power for nearly 5 months since Irma. Sharing what you have, no matter how small is a trait he always espoused and passed on to us. God bless.