Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Prepare your home for winter: window insulation

Window insulation. Insulation film. Shrink wrap. Whatever you call it, you’ve no doubt seen windows each winter with added layers of plastic film. That’s because, as thin and transparent as they are, the window insulation kits work. Best of all, they’re easy and inexpensive to install. Many kits sell for around $15 and some for less than $5.

Once you get the kit home:
  • Apply tape around window frame.
  • Peel off tape liner to expose adhesive.
  • Unfold plastic and cut to size, leaving an extra 2 inches on all sides.
  • Press plastic firmly to tape, starting at top of window.
  • Use hairdryer on hottest setting to tighten plastic and remove all wrinkles and creases. Hold hairdryer a few inches away from plastic and move it back and forth. Don’t touch plastic with hairdryer. 

In spring, heat the tape with the hairdryer to loosen the adhesive, then slowly peel off the insulation and adhesive.

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