Friday, August 19, 2016

Partnership educates firefighters about natural gas, electric hazards

We Energies gas and electric operations workers recently hosted a three-day training session at the Milwaukee Police and Fire Training Academy in a new initiative to educate firefighters about the hazards and response tactics associated with natural gas and electric emergencies.

“Partnership in Safety” was the comprehensive program presented to more than 50 firefighters from the Milwaukee Fire Department (MFD). They learned how We Energies first responders evaluate and mitigate natural gas and electric emergencies by studying real-life scenarios. Participants focused on how best to communicate and coordinate resources at various scenes.

“As utility first responders, we share a common goal with firefighters to protect lives,” said Operations Supervisor Joe Thom, who led the program. ”This partnership is sending the message that we’re here to assist the MFD and provide the necessary training so we can work together to protect the public.”

We Energies and MFD will continue the cross-training initiative to enhance their working relationship and preparedness for emergencies.

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