Monday, February 22, 2016

Dog discovers natural gas leak in New Berlin

Gas fitter John Albrecht with Job and Jim Densmore.
Just last week, we told you about a family dog in Hartland who alerted his owners about a dangerous carbon monoxide leak. Now, another story is coming to light about man’s best friend sounding the alert about potential danger.

When Jim Densmore of New Berlin took his dog Job for a walk Saturday morning, the Lhasa mix kept circling around a spot on the side of the road. Job is both deaf and blind so his sense of smell is especially heightened. Sure enough, when Jim got close to the spot where Job was circling, he smelled something, too – natural gas.

We Energies was called to investigate. When fitter John Albrecht pointed his natural gas detection meter at Job’s spot, it started beeping, indicating a definite natural gas leak. 

“He’s an amazing little guy,” said Densmore. “He always surprises me. He can tell if a visitor walks into the house because they smell different.”

Our crew fixed a small underground leak. Fitter John Albrecht thanked Job for making his job a little easier that day. Then the pooch gave John a little “kiss” of appreciation!

The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) has been following Job’s heroics, too. Job is an alumnus of WHS and was a star attraction at its 2015 fundraising gala.

The Densmores named Job after the biblical character who was beset with disaster that took away his health and prosperity.

“He is such a blessing,” said Densmore.

Gas leak, odor or emergency

Natural gas is colorless and odorless until we add mercaptan, a rotten egg odor to help detect leaks. If you smell natural gas or have a natural gas emergency:
  • Leave immediately – do not turn on light switches or use phone.
  • Call 800-261-5325 from another location.

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