Monday, December 12, 2016

Keep natural gas meters, vents clear of snow, ice

Remember to safely remove snow and ice from your furnace vents and natural gas meters. Use caution when shoveling, snow blowing or plowing near natural gas meters to prevent damage and potential gas leaks.

To avoid meter problems:

- Keep meters clear of snow and ice; make sure snow isn't covering meter.

- Always shovel away from meter.

- Take care when using snow thrower or plow near meter. 

- Use a broom to clear snow and ice from equipment.

- Avoid kicking or hitting meter to break away built-up snow or ice.

- Remove icicles that may drip water onto meter.

Keeping furnace intake and exhaust vents clear of snow and ice is an important safety precaution to prevent build up of carbon monoxide inside homes and buildings. A blocked vent also can affect the performance of the furnace, which may not run properly or at all when the intake or exhaust vent is blocked.

As for natural gas meters, you may not think about that often, but we ask that you keep your meter clear of snow and ice for safety.

Accumulated snow and ice place stress on meter piping, which can damage equipment and cause a gas leak. Keeping the meter clear also allows our employees to properly service the meter in case of emergency and keeps it visible to snowplows when those meters are in close proximity to alleys or other areas subject to plowing.

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