Friday, August 14, 2015

Meeting customers at state fair's Energy Park

We've been having so much fun at Energy Park at the Wisconsin State Fair. We hope you've had fun with us too. There is still time to join us - the fair runs through Sunday, Aug. 16. 

The best part of Energy Park is meeting you and your families. We enjoy sharing our safety messages with you through our interactive displays and games, keeping your kids safe with safety wristbands, and teaching you a thing or two about birds, gardening and cooking. 

A mother reached out to us on Facebook to thank one of our employees for making her daughter’s day extra special.

“Going above and beyond at the Wisconsin State Fair - thanks for drawing Hello Kitty on my daughter’s hat,” said Melissa Graves.

Employee David Nestler was happy to make 4-year-old Mallory’s day. He said, “She reminded me of my daughter, so I thought I would draw something special on her hat.”

Graves says that her daughter has been showing off her custom hat ever since.

Graves brought her children to Energy Park for the first time this year. She said they loved learning what natural gas smelled like and what the inside of a gas meter looks like. They also enjoyed learning about our gardens.

If you have a story to share, feel free to direct message us on Facebook. We might feature your Energy Park story.

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