Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Keep up with winter energy bills to avoid possible disconnection, additional fees in spring

We urge all customers to make regular payments during the winter season to avoid the need for a down payment and payment arrangements, and potential disconnection in the spring. This also can help avoid late fees and deposits.

We stop disconnecting residential customers during the disconnection moratorium, Nov. 1 through April 15. Any customers who qualify for energy assistance are urged to apply now as assistance is available. Call 800-842-4565 to make a down payment and payment arrangements to avoid disconnection or to get service reconnected.

Get help

We Energies
  • Phone Call 800-842-4565. Our automated system offers flexible arrangements anytime without waiting. Our representatives can help on weekdays, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Online Visit our website. Wisconsin residents who can pay their current bill now and remaining balance within three months can use our Personal Payment Plan.
  • Programs Ask about our Early Identification and Low Income Pilot programs for Wisconsin customers who may qualify if they receive energy assistance.  
  • Money-saving tips Call 800-242-9137 for a money-saving kit and information. Visit our website for money-saving tips.

Energy assistance
Wisconsin 866-432-8947
Michigan 855-275-6424  

Winter billing and payment myths and facts

Myth: If service is disconnected, We Energies will reconnect it when the winter moratorium begins.

Fact: We require an appropriate down payment and a payment arrangement for the remaining balance to reconnect service.

Myth: Customers don’t have to pay for energy used during the winter months.

Fact: We charge for energy use every month, including winter months. Avoid additional charges (late fees and/or reconnect fees) by paying on time every month.

Myth: Late or missed payments are not reported to credit bureaus during winter months.

Fact: We report to the credit bureaus throughout the year. We report positively when payments are made on time and negatively when they are not.

Myth: No additional fees are charged for bills not paid during the winter.

Fact: We may add the following charges in addition to regular usage if payments are not made in winter:
·     Late fees.
·     Disconnection and reconnection fees.
·     Deposit, which can be four times the  largest winter bill.

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