Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 Cookie Book distribution schedule set

This year’s Cookie Book, which will be distributed in November, continues the tradition we started nearly a century ago and features family favorites submitted by our customers.

Many of the recipes are named after a beloved grandma for baking the best cookies. Grandma Diekelman’s Fruit Cookies, Grandma Strehlow’s Old-Fashion Caramels and Grandma Ewald Cookies are among the 36 recipes featured in the 2012 book. Three gluten-free recipes also are included.

The Cookie Book has been in the works since early June when recipes were reviewed, selected and tested. More details about this year’s book will be posted in early November, but you can get the distribution schedule today.

2012 Cookie Book distribution schedule
Mobile version (includes map for locations)

Testers make choices for a 1960s cookie book.

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