Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer heat leads to higher energy use; tips to manage energy bills

Summer has been hot. Although our rates are the same as they were last year, you likely are seeing an increase in your bill because air conditioners and fans use more energy in hot weather. If you don’t use air conditioning, you still might see a higher bill because refrigerators and freezers run more often.

Payment arrangements and assistance
If you or someone you know is having difficulty making full energy bill payments, contact us at 800-842-4565 to discuss payment arrangement options that can help avoid disconnection. Some low- and moderate-income customers -- those with less than 60 percent of the state median income -- may qualify for energy assistance.

Milwaukee County crisis grants
If you live in Milwaukee County and are disconnected or are having difficulty paying your energy bill, contact the Social Development Commission or Community Advocates to apply for a crisis grant. For more information, contact the SDC Energy Assistance Program Hotline at 414-906-2800 or Community Advocates at 414-875-2011.

Wisconsin assistance
If you do not live in Milwaukee County but are in Wisconsin, you can apply for assistance by calling the Home Energy+ hotline at 866-432-8947.

Budget Billing
If you do not qualify for assistance, you can avoid summer bill spikes by signing up for Budget Billing, which evens out payments through the year. You have two options: periodic and continuous. Both plans have a six-month review.
Budget Billing information

Energy efficiency
Another way to manage energy costs is by using energy efficiently.
Cool efficiently to save money

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