Monday, March 19, 2012

Peregrine falcon nesting season begins

The countdown is on for new feathered friends to arrive at many of our power plants. Within the next couple of weeks, resident peregrine falcons are expected to produce eggs at several power plant nesting boxes. Our website visitors can view hourly webcam images of the nest boxes.

Since we began our peregrine falcon recovery program in 1997, 155 hatchlings have been produced at our nest boxes. That’s remarkable when you consider the bird was nearly extinct. About 20 percent of the peregrine falcons born in Wisconsin have hatched at our power plants.

Chick after banding last season.

This year, students at Pleasant Prairie Elementary School are following the nesting activity at our Pleasant Prairie Power Plant.

Wildlife expert Greg Septon recently visited Diane Epping’s fifth grade class to teach students about Wisconsin’s peregrine falcon recovery effort.

As part of their lesson, students will get to see the new chicks up close when they’re banded at the power plant later this spring.

Nest box webcams

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