Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We Energies, city of Waukesha receive Urban Forestry Council award

Posted by Bob Zahn

We Energies and the city of Waukesha have received a joint award from the Urban Forestry Council, recognizing the partnership that was formed to address two blocks of trees in the north central section of the city that had grown too large for the urban environment. We worked with the city to develop a plan to remove the trees and replace them with utility-friendly alternatives. We handled the initial trimming to remove the branches that were mingling with the power lines. The city completed the task by removing the rest of the trees, trunks and stumps. This spring, we are helping with the purchase of trees that the city will plant. 

The Urban Forestry Council award was presented during the annual conference of the Wisconsin Arborists Association. Learn more about our forestry work.

Here is how things looked before the project, which removed the trees and stumps. This spring, new trees will be planted that will not interfere with power lines.

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