Friday, March 3, 2017

Love is in the air at our falcon nest boxes

Hercules and his mate
Falcon activity is picking up with several familiar names spotted at our power plant nest boxes.

Hercules is back at our Valley Power Plant in Milwaukee. This is his fourth year at Valley. An unbanded female has been seen in the nest box as well, likely the same female as last year according to our peregrine manager, Greg Septon. Septon says the pair was present at the plant most of the winter. 

Eclipse has been spotted at our Oak Creek Power Plant, returning for her seventh year. She has nested with Scott since 2006, but Scott (who would be 17 years old now) hasn’t been seen this season. A new male, Michael, has been frequenting the nest box at Oak Creek. He was born in 2015 at the Racine County Courthouse. 
Michael at Oak Creek
Brinn is back at our Port Washington Generating Station. This is her fourth year at our Port Washington nest box. So far, Septon hasn’t seen a male falcon enter the picture. 

Brinn at Port Washington
PBR again is hanging out at our Pleasant Prairie Power Plant. His mate is an unbanded female, likely the same female as last year. 
PBR at Pleasant Prairie
And Maya Angelou, is back at our Presque Isle Power Plant in Marquette, Michigan.

Septon suspects that we may see a new record early date for egg laying. If so, he expects to see the first activity at our Pleasant Prairie Power Plant. Stay tuned. You’ll again be able to follow all the action through our live webcams. We’ll be launching them later this spring.

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