Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cookie Book Q and A

Why does We Energies produce a Cookie Book?
The Cookie Book originally was produced as a goodwill gesture to customers. To this day, customers are eager to get the latest edition.

How are recipes chosen? 
Each year is a little different. This year, we asked customers to submit recipes. In the past, we asked active and retired employees for recipes, or we used favorites from previous editions.

When was the first one produced?

Are they produced every year? 
We have produced a book each year since bringing it back in 2006. The book only was produced a few times in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Are old editions available? 
We have placed all the editions we could find on our website's Recipes page.

Does it impact customers' energy costs? 
Costs associated with the book are minimized because we use internal resources, and the production costs do not impact customer rates.

How are distribution locations chosen? 
For smaller events, we use our service centers. For larger events, we look for venues that customers can safely and easily access, such as Miller Park in Milwaukee or Fox Cities Stadium in Appleton. Books also are distributed by our field employees on customer appointments.

What happens to extra books and old editions? 
A number of books are archived each year. Typically, we don’t have extra books after our distribution events end.

Will there be another one next year? 
The decision is made each year, based on budget and other constraints.

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