Friday, December 16, 2016

Why we ask you to keep your meter clear of ice and snow

We Energies, like all electric and natural gas utilities in places where the temperature can drop below freezing, asks you to keep your meter clear of snow and ice. Heavy snow or falling icicles can cause damage to your meter and put you in danger. We ask you to mind your meter for your own safety inside and outside of your home.

Prevent gas leaks
The pressure caused by snow or ice can damage piping and cause a gas meter to leak. A leak is not only dangerous, it can interrupt service to you and your neighbors.

Provide easy access
In case of an emergency, our technician might need quick and uninterrupted access to your gas or electric meter. By always keeping it clear, you’re keeping yourself and your community safe.

Protect equipment
While they are built to withstand the elements, gas and electric meters can be damaged if ice and snow become frozen to them. This can lead to more frequent and costly replacements.   

Snow removal tips
  • Be aware of your meter’s location when using a snow blower or plow.
  • Never shovel snow against or on top of your meter or a vent.
  • Use a broom or your hands to remove snow and ice from the meter rather than a shovel, salt or ice-melting chemical.
  • Never kick your meter to break up snow and ice.
  • Protect your meter from melting ice dripping from overhead.
  • If you think you smell natural gas, move to a safe distance away and call us at 800-261-5325.

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